New Clients: Ilex Press & Hungry Eye Magazine

I’m pleased to announce I’ve recently acquired two new clients: Ilex Press and Hungry Eye Magazine.

Ilex Press website
Ilex Press website
The first edition of iPad for Photographers
The 1st Edition of iPad for Photographers

Ilex Press is a leading book publisher who exists to address the new creative needs which are constantly being unveiled by the fast moving pace of the modern media, digital technology and popular culture. I’ve been commissioned to write the 2nd Edition of iPad For Photographers, which is very exciting.

The iPad is fast becoming the ultimate photographer s accessory, offering a high-quality = display screen, picture storage space, and an image-manipulation tool all in one powerful, portable package. In the book I’ll explain how this powerful accessory can revolutionise the way that photographers work, with topics including  photo-editing applications,  photo-sharing and display programs and useful tethered-shooting capabilities. I’ve already started work on the book, which is my first, and I’ll be sure to blog when it goes to press.

Hungry Eye Magazine is a high-end monthly magazine which brings the world of professional photography and filmmaking to the professional, the advanced, the inquisitive and the passionate. My first feature for Hungry Eye explores the role of the wedding photographer and the genres reputation within the image-making industry – I’ll blog when it publishes. On the back of this I’ve been given more juicy commissions and look forward to a lasting relationship with the magazine. Check out Hungry Eye on the web here.


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