How to create personalised Royal Mail photo stamps

If  you’ve got something special to send, why not make like the Queen for the day and have stamps printed with your photo on? Your recipients will be treated to mail with a wow factor. It’s the perfect way to inject some extra personality into invitations, announcements and thank-you notes, and make sure your mail stands out from boring everyday letters and bills.

Snapfish has a wide range of stamp designs available. There’s something for every occasion – whether it’s a baby announcement or a wedding invitation. You choose a stamp to complement the photo you want to use, decide on either a rectangular or circular frame and whether you want sheets of 10 or 20. As a Royal Mail product, facilitated through Snapfish, you’re guaranteed a first class result. And you can create it on your own PC in just an hour. In this feature for Windows: The Official Magazine, I show you how.

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