How to give your laptop a funky makeover

Laptops can look lacklustre and uninspiring well before they need upgrading. The solution? Cool, cost effective, mini-makeovers that make your PC look fresh and funky. There are hundreds of ways to dress up your PC and give it a new look. This tutorial will have your PC looking fashionable for £5 or less, and you can get the whole job done in around three hours. It’s a fun project to complete, too.

For this project, you need to buy a roll of self-adhesive foil, which is available from most craft and DIY stores. It comes in a variety of different prints and patterns, from leopard print to marble. I opted for a wood effect but you can choose whatever design you fancy. And you don’t need to worry if you change your mind six months down the line – it’s easy to remove the foil with adhesive remover. This tutorial was written for and published in Windows: The Official Magazine.

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