I recently headed to Torquay’s newly opened yoga studio, Yoga Torquay, and met owner Alice Chapman, champion of yoga for women’s health. My piece explores Alice’s journey as a yoga teacher and why pregnancy and mother and baby yoga has become her speciality.

“The class we observe is a real joy – bouncing babies and happy mothers bonding but Alice admits sometimes the classes can be a little chaotic. “I used to feel daunted by that but I have the tricks in my toolbox now to stay calm and in control. Teaching yoga requires responsiveness and attention to your students, when you’re teaching mum’s and babies yoga, that’s the big league, you have to be super responsive to the mood and changing emotions of the mothers and the babies and react accordingly. It’s an awesome challenge and I love it,” she explains.”

You can read the full article, published in the Summer Issue of Devon Life magazine here.

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