How to win a photography competition

In my latest feature for Autographer, I get together with nine other photography experts and get them to share their top tips for doing well in competitions.

Lee Thompson, freelance editorial photographer shared this tip: “Don’t over edit. If you need to edit a picture too much, it’s not a very good picture to start with! There is nothing worse than a heavily photoshopped picture. Competition judges are really clamping down on over edited images after last year’s World Press winning picture came under some controversy by several picture forensic experts, who said the picture had been heavily altered.”

This image of Lee’s shows a Libyan freedom fighter surrounding the dead bodyguards of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya is exactly how it was taken from the camera; just a slight bit of sharpening was applied. This picture was picked out of 12,500 images in this year’s Press Photographer’s Year. Image copyright: Lee Thompson

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