30 photography project ideas: feature published in Photography Monthly

Undertaking photography projects is a great way to make sure  you always have something to shoot and concentrate on, so you’re constantly developing your skills, rather than editing old pictures and feeling uninspired. Projects make you a better photographer because they force you to get out there with your camera, come rain or shine, which can only be a good thing. Some projects can last for years, while others will take only a week, or even a day; choose a few which appeal to you and see your creativity and inspiration levels soar. Don’t be afraid to quit a project if you’re not enjoying it, though; they’re supposed to be fun, not a hardship to endure – you’re better off starting something more suitable than becoming disenchanted. In this feature for Photography Monthly magazine I compiled 30 tried and tested projects, one for every day of September, which should see readers occupied for quite some time…


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